Announcing … Japan Presence

A Virtual Marketing Assistant for the Busy Entrepreneur …

  • Extend your product’s market to Japan in the momemts you can spare.
  • Stay in control of the marketing message but delegate the details to your Virtual Assistant.
  • Do it all on a small monthly investment, with no long term commitment and exit any time.

No-Hassle digital beachhead in Japan

A complete package of services to sustain a digital beachhead in Japan. Includes English to Japanese Translations and all the technology.

Decisions based on data driven insights

Analytics Enabled with frequent reports to build your insights about the Japanese Market and your target customers.

Continuous Improvements

Tune your message continuously. Make changes based on actual visitor data and customer contacts.

Japan Presence

Acquire your Virtual Marketing Assistant. Take the first small step and get started with your inbound marketing activities in Japan

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