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We help entrepreneurs navigate the tedious journey of Product Distribution

…because Product Distribution is the process that makes value exchange possible

We are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists. The problems we contemplate and attempt to solve are in the domain of Product Distribution. We refer to it as “the Domain”.

As experienced practitioners we have come to recognize that the Domain of Distribution is highly-complex and needs to be formally understood. For this purpose we have created two intellectual references named, “Distribution Framework” (DFW) and “Kobe Distribution Method” (KDM). (Soon to be made public).

  • DFW presents concepts of how distribution can be viewed as a framework of business activities. We term this framework as a “Distribution Stack” or D-stack.
  • KDM presents the concept of how Distribution can be thought of as a set of Services. We call this concept “Distribution as a Service” or DaaS for short.

We have therefore postulated that Distribution as a Service has a strong conceptual overlap with the concept of “Software as a Service” with one caveat; DaaS is a combination of SaaS plus Human services. The Lean Distribution Services we offer are an embodiment of this postulate. With the right combination of SaaS-based tools and just the right amount of Human services to accomplish specific Distribution Activity.

As a diverse team what keeps us focused towards a common goal is that:

  • We diligently apply the scientific method to business.
  • We enthusiastically follow the principles and discipline of lean entrepreneurship, and
  • We are all convinced that in spite of the technological advancements, language and culture still plays a major role in conducting business.

Please read our DaaS-blogs where our team expresses their diverse thoughts and opinion on the topic.

Growing Services Company Since 2005

Founded in 2005 by foreign entrepreneurs, our company is a privately-held Japanese stock corporation with specialized knowledge of the life science industry in Japan. We are based in Kobe, the fifth-largest city and fourth-largest container port in Japan. The city of Kobe is also the site of the WHO Centre for Health Development and of several research institutes, such as the RIKEN Center for Computational Sciences, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Kobe Advanced ICT Research Center, the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, and the Asian Disaster Reduction Center. Also, there are over 100 international corporations including world-leading Pharma from North America, East-Asia or Japan with headquarters in Kobe.
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